Offset printing is a printing technique that presses offset sheets (rubber sheets) to print on paper after ink-stick images have been pressed onto previous offset sheets. Offset printing technology prevents water from sticking to the paper according to the ink when using lithography for best printing quality.

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  • Printing quality is high and clear with beautiful colors
  • Help to make the printing easy
  • Be able to print on many different materials
  • Suitable for many print surfaces from flat to rough
  • Help to improve the life of prints


Flexo printing is derived from flexible letters, meaning flexible with photopolymer printed plastic with photochemical, CTP or laser etching.

Flexo printing is a direct printing technique due to the fact that there is a embossed print with ink granted to the die by a metal shaft, the surface is engraved with many small boxes called anilox.

  • Product quality when printed out uniformly and with bold colors
  • Quite fast printing capacity is used for printing needs high capacity and fast as printing carton, printing goods labels, films …
  • Flexo printing can also be printed on roll materials for automated machines or printed on special materials such as fabric, paperboard or printed on polymer film, etc.