Introduction of 3-layer carton


What is 3-layer carton ?

3-layer carton is a carton with 3 layers of paper with carton. Inside, there are 2 layers of face paper on the outside and a layer of sinusoid in the middle. This wave can have different heights, depending on the waveforms A, B, C, E. These papers can be trapezoid or yellow. 3-layer carton is cheap and used most today.

introduction about 3 layer cartons

Features of 3-layer carton:

Structure of 3-layer box is clearly described as follows:

Outer layer: is the outer layer of paper, usually white, or yellow or brown, is a flat paper, smooth, beautiful, glossy.

The middle layer of paper: this layer of paper is usually paperboard, made up of corrugated paper layers, grooves are glued to the surface and bottom acts as a layer of carton cushion. For impact and impact resistance, these types of waves have different sizes.

The bottom layer of paper: can be a normal paper or a sheet of paper or a hard paper to support the support with the amount of nearly two layers of paper outside.

Quantitative and quality: the structure of each carton is specially designed depending on the application, the surface paper can be white, brown or yellow paper, the corrugated layers are designed according to the order.

Advantages and disadvantages of 3-layer carton:

Advantages of 3-layer carton:

  • Relatively inexpensive to produce and use
  • Lightweight, easy to cut or bending.
  • Bearing compression, podium good.
  • Various designs, models, boxes or boxes.
  • Rich color print pattern with Flexo & Offset printing technology.
  • Support for many types of assembly (stapling, gluing, mounting).
  • Compact, easy to fold flat storage.
  • Good food protection, good waterproofing (rolling waterproofing).
  • Easy plating surface, easy embossing (box).
  • Easy to repair, change the original design.
  • Easy to handle, regenerate.
  • Easily biodegradable, environmentally friendly

Disadvantages of 3-layer carton:

  • Quality diminishes with time of storage and use.
  • Hydrophobic and hydrophobic.
  • Ruggedness and lower quality than 5-layer cartons

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